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Better Safe Than Sorry: 8 Tips To Prevent Thieves From Breaking Into Garage Doors

By Mary Alusin

Did you know that thieves can break into your garage door by using a mere coat hanger? That�s how weak a garage door is unless you reinforce it. Fortunately, there are simple ways for you to further secure your garage doors. Follow these eight tips and give yourself some peace of mind.

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1. Keep your garage door closed.

This may seem to be an obvious safety tip, but people do have the tendency to leave their garage doors open. Some may think it�s alright, especially if it�s still daytime. But an open garage door invites potential thieves. It�s either they will try to survey what�s inside from afar or decide to get near and quickly grab something.

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2. Cover or frost your windows.

Thieves will likely want to steal something from you if they see your belongings beforehand. Of course, they can only do that if your garage windows allow them to. To prevent eyes from prying into your garage, you can cover your windows with curtains, shades, or blinds. You can also use a frosted spray paint.

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3. Secure the garage door emergency release.

Thieves use their infamous coat hangers to reach the emergency release handle and open your garage door. Fortunately, you can prevent them from succeeding by protecting the pull with a simple and cheap item called a zip tie or cable. You can use it to lock the disengaging arm of the emergency release handle. This will also prevent thieves from being able to move the pull.

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4. Fortify the service door.

Give your service door the same protection you have for your front door. That means a strong and sturdy one equipped with a high-quality deadbolt. In choosing deadbolts, you should look at the rating specified on the package. Grades 1 to 2 provides the best security. Additionally, you can also install a lock reinforce, heavy-duty strike plate, and sturdier hinges. Installing an anti-kick device like the Door Devil will also strengthen security.

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5. Install motion detector lights.

A well-lit garage door will likely give thieves second thoughts about breaking into it. Motion detector lights can beef up security from performing basic detection to alerting you through an app. You can also install them on your own so you can save money.

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6. Install a garage alarm.

Aside from motion detector lights, you can also install alarms. Choose ones that will be triggered by movements in front of your garage. Alarms will make thieves run away, or much better, help you catch them before they escape.

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7. Maintain your garage door.

Regularly check the state of your garage door. In particular, keep an eye on signs of corrosion in several parts such as the frame, locks, and hinges. Replace items that need replacing immediately, before thieves can leverage them to easily break into your property.

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8. Don�t leave your garage door opener in your car.

Due to the convenience it offers, many car owners tend to leave their garage door opener in their car. However, thieves who break into parked cars will look for your remote and steal them. A missing garage door opener is one of the worst threats to your home security. To address such potential problem, simply avoid leaving your garage door opener in your car. You can either place it inside your home or attach it to your keychain so you can bring it anywhere you go.

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Other Tips

When beefing up your garage door security, test it by putting yourself in the thief�s shoes. If you were the criminal, what will you do to forcibly open the garage door to be able to steal stuff? Doing so will help you realize what parts need reinforcement and what you should add to prevent theft from happening.

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A garage door is a favorite target for thieves due to its vulnerabilities. Hence, you should use all possible options to eliminate those weaknesses. Only, investing in the security of your garage door will cost you some money. However, it�s better to be safe than allow thieves to break into your house and steal more valuable items from you. Remember to always be alert and cautious. Even the kindest of neighborhoods can be infiltrated by nasty thieves. Better be safe than sorry.

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Author Bio

Mary Alusin is the lead content writer and owner of the website Cost Aide, which provides rough costs of products and services. These include home improvements and consumer necessities.

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