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Kindle Fire HD is the Perfect Christmas Gift

Thinking of buying that perfect high-tech Christmas gift that brings cheers on the faces of your loved ones and doesnít burden your pocket too much? A Tablet should surely occupy a corner of your mind in such a case.

A tablet is really an ideal high-tech gadget gift. And one really perfect tablet for gifting is none other than the Kindle Fire HD. Buying a tablet has surely become a tedious affair with amazing devices which keep pouring out onto store shelves with each passing day. And each one grabs eyeballs with stunning visuals and amazing performance powers.

Ideally, Kindle Fire HD is the perfect Christmas gift because of many reasons. It has been launched after Google and Apple have bought out their "near-perfect" tablets. The iPad is too costly, and the Nexus Tab does not have a content library or mobile Internet connectivity. Answering these two issues, Amazon has struck the right cord by launching the Kindle Fire HD.

Itís much cheaper than an iPad, has a stunning display, the fastest Wi-Fi browser, and has such a huge collection of media content that no other service provider can ever think of providing. Kindle Fire HD is now available in two sizes, a 7 inch tablet and another 8.9 inch tablet. Together, they fill the requirements sheet of all those consumers wishing for a great tablet at a reasonable price.

Kindle Fire models available for Sale as of now:

7 inch Kindle Fire HD (Wi-fi only) - $199 for 16GB and $249 for 32GB. Resolution - 1024x600 Px

8.9 inch Kindle Fire HD (Wi-fi only) - $299 for 16GB and $369 for 32GB. Resolution - 1280x800 Px

8.9 inch Kindle Fire HD (Wi-fi +4G) - $499 for 32GB and $599 for 64GB. Resolution - 1920x1200 Px

All the variants have stunning displays, and with dual band and dual antenna Wi-Fi systems in place. There is no chance of dropping signals and enables faster browsing abilities than any other tablets.

Custom Dolby Sound with dual stereo speakers provide some amazing sound. Itís a much required feature because many other tablets lack a proper sound system. Kindle Fire HD has some excellent power behind its hood, which will not disappoint even with such a low price point.

They also feature front cameras with deep Facebook integration. The frontal camera also allows Skype video chat in HD for a great video chat experience. Front cameras at this price point are the first in the world, exclusively from Amazon.

The Amazing feature hasnít been discussed yet. Kindle Fire HD users have access to the vast libraries of Amazon, which have the largest collections of ebooks, magazines, movies, and music. These content can be purchased as well as borrowed. Membership to the Amazon Prime makes you eligible to borrow over 1,80,000 titles, without any due dates. Even the lowest end Kindle Hire HD gives 16GB storage and unlimited cloud Storage facilities to store your content. So you never have to worry about running out of space.

And there is no end to the number of apps and games and you can instantly download any app from the Amazon Store. There are plenty of gaming and productivity Apps to keep you engaged all the time. Amazon Store is not enough? Did we mention that this device runs Android? That means you can download and use Android apps from all over the Internet.

With all these great features, Amazon Kindle Fire HD is now topping the Christmas shopping lists of many people worldwide. A Kindle Fire HD is much more than a simple tablet. A multi-touch device with such a large collection of content makes it a perfect companion for anyone and an ideal gifting choice today.

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