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OLPC XO Default X Preference

The following is the default X preference for the OLPC XO. You can see the X preference on your OLPC XO using the "xset -q" command.

Keyboard Control:
  auto repeat:  on    key click percent:  0    LED mask:  00000000
  auto repeat delay:  500    repeat rate:  30
  auto repeating keys:  0001400000000080
  bell percent:  50    bell pitch:  400    bell duration:  100
Pointer Control:
  acceleration:  7/4    threshold:  0
Screen Saver:
  prefer blanking:  yes    allow exposures:  yes
  timeout:  600    cycle:  600
  default colormap:  0x20    BlackPixel:  0    WhitePixel:  65535
Font Path:
DPMS (Energy Star):
  Standby: 1200    Suspend: 1800    Off: 2400
  DPMS is Enabled
  Monitor is On
Font cache:
  Server does not have the FontCache Extension
File paths:
  Config file:  /etc/X11/xorg.conf
  Modules path: /usr/lib/xorg/modules
  Log file:     /var/log/Xorg.0.log

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xset Usage

usage:  xset [-display host:dpy] option ...
    To turn bell off:
        -b                b off               b 0
    To set bell volume, pitch and duration:
         b [vol [pitch [dur]]]          b on
    To disable bug compatibility mode:
    To enable bug compatibility mode:
    To turn keyclick off:
        -c                c off               c 0
    To set keyclick volume:
         c [0-100]        c on
    To control Energy Star (DPMS) features:
        -dpms      Energy Star features off
        +dpms      Energy Star features on
         dpms [standby [suspend [off]]]
              force standby
              force suspend
              force off
              force on
              (also implicitly enables DPMS features)
              a timeout value of zero disables the mode
    To control font cache:
         fc [hi-mark [low-mark [balance]]]
            both mark values spcecified in KB
            balance value spcecified in percent (10 - 90)
    Show font cache statistics:
         fc s
    To set the font path:
         fp= path[,path...]
    To restore the default font path:
         fp default
    To have the server reread font databases:
         fp rehash
    To remove elements from font path:
        -fp path[,path...]  fp- path[,path...]
    To prepend or append elements to font path:
        +fp path[,path...]  fp+ path[,path...]
    To set LED states off or on:
        -led [1-32]         led off
         led [1-32]         led on
    To set mouse acceleration and threshold:
         m [acc_mult[/acc_div] [thr]]    m default
    To set pixel colors:
         p pixel_value color_name
    To turn auto-repeat off or on:
        -r [keycode]        r off
         r [keycode]        r on
         r rate [delay [rate]]
    For screen-saver control:
         s [timeout [cycle]]  s default    s on
         s blank              s noblank    s off
         s expose             s noexpose
         s activate           s reset
    For status information:  q

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