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Lenovo IdeaPad S10: A Stylish and Functional Netbook

Written by Augusto

Lenovo decided to include under its IdeaPad series, a line for its netbook option, this series is known as the S series. In August 2008, Lenovo announced that IdeaPad S10 was going to be released until October 2008. And even this model has appeared in the market later than other netbooks, it has demonstrated to be a very reliable option, in fact the fact that it appeared so late allows this model to include among some of its components, the best options, as it is the case of the processor; IdeaPad S10 comes with a 1.6GHz Intel Atom processor which allows it to be one of the most functional netbooks and allowing its users to perform more than basic tasks.

There are two sub-models, the IdeaPad S10 General Computing and the IdeaPad S10 Large Capacity; both sub-models come with the mentioned 1.6GHz, a 10.2 inches screen and Windows XP Home Edition as operative system. The main differences among these sub-models are the hard-disk drives and the RAM memory, for the General Computing option, an 80GB hard-disk is included with 512MB in RAM, while the Large Capacity includes a 160GB hard-disk and 1GB in RAM. Among the common features of both IdeaPad S10, we found a Broadcom 11b/g Wi-Fi wireless connection, internal Ethernet network card, Bluetooth, high definition audio, Intel Graphics Media Accelerator, integrated webcam and a 3 cell Lithium-ion battery. The size of the keyboard keys is about 85% of the traditional notebook´┐Żs keyboard keys, but it is still comfortable and easy to handle. An Express Card free slot is included in all versions so it is really easy to add a WWAN connection later.

Even though both IdeaPads come with Windows XP Home Edition, another version in the UK includes Linpus Linux as operative system.

Lenovo uses the following slogan for this netbook, THE IDEAL PORTABLE SOCIAL NETWORKING PC; as you can see the name IdeaPad came out of this phrase, but it is really not exclusive for netbooks since the IdeaPad also includes a Y series with at least 5 sub-models and a U series with 2 sub-models, both series use Core2Duo Processors and are not considered in the netbook category. The Y series uses a 15.4 or 17 inches screen and the U series a 11.1 or 13.3 inches screen.

A new model for the S series is expected soon, the IdeaPad S9 which main difference is the size of its screen, 8.9 inches. It was supposed to be launched in October as well, but it is still not available.

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