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Set Up Wireless Connection on Verizon XV6700

The Verizon XV6700 Pocket PC Camera Phone is a really neat device. It's like a mini portable computer that fits in the palm of your hand. It provides not only wireless network capability through the EV-DO network, but also has build in WiFi capability. That's where things get a little confusing. Switching between the two on the fly with the XV6700 is not as easy as it could be. It takes multiple steps that even I have a hard time remembering. In this document, I will show you how to set up various method of connecting to the network and how to switch from one to another.

Set Up the Verizon EV-DO Wireless Connection

It's likely that your phone is already set-up to connect to Verizon's wireless network when you first got it. But if not, these instruction will help you on your way.

Pull down the Start Menu and select "Settings". In the Settings window, click on the "Connections" tab. You'll be presented with the following screen shot.

[Settings -> Connections]

Tap the "Connections" icon with your stylus. Select the "Advanced" tab. Tap the "Select networks" button. That would bring you to the "Network Management" screen (see below).

[Network Management]

Pull down the two lists. If your Verizon Wireless connection already shows up in the lists, then you don't need to set-up this connection. On the other hand, if you doen't, then you'll have to go through the following steps.

Tab the "New..." button to create a new connection. Enter a name for this connection. You can call it whatever you want. I prefer to use the phrase, "Verizon Wireless". Now, tap on the "Modem" tab. Click on the "New..." button to make a new modem connection. You can enter any name at this point, but select "Cellular Line" for the modem. Tap "Next". At the next screen, enter "#777" for the dialing number. Tap "Next". Leave user name, password, and domain blank. Tap "Finish". Finally, tap the "OK" button to save your settings.

Set Up the WiFi Connection

If all you want to use is the Verizon Wireless connection, then you are already good to go. But if you want to set-up a WiFi connection as well, I'll show you how now, but it is going to get a bit complicated. You'll need some basic knowledge of setting up a WiFi network.

First you'll have to enable the WiFi connection on the XV6700. You can get to the WiFi on/off screen by tapping the tiny radio wave icon on the lower right hand corner of the main screen.

Once you have enabled WiFi, tap on the Start Menu, select "Settings", and then choose the "Connections" tab. Now open up "Network Cards". You will be presented with a list of access points to connect to. If you have a simple WiFi network with no password key, simply keep the stylus on the access point for two seconds and select "Connect". But if you have a password protected access point, you can tap the access point to change the authentication settings.

Set Up Proxy Configuration

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