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Black+Decker 14 Cup Rice Cooker RC514
Fri, 24 Mar 2017 06:52:19 +0000

use and care manual attached below.


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Subaru Transmission Chart
Sun, 19 Mar 2017 09:46:57 +0000

I opened TY752VBAAA twinturbo gearbox and there was 3,9 final drive. I have antoher TY752VBAAA gearbox also, I will check that one also soon.


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KERUI Home Security System Remote Controls Failed
Fri, 10 Mar 2017 08:36:52 +0000

I have had two (2) remotes fail due to the "armed" button ceasing to function. Batteries were replaced to no avail. Has anyone else experienced this?

ML Fox

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KERUI Home Security System Review: Alarm Panel
Tue, 07 Mar 2017 12:55:11 +0000

My Kerui has built in battery and is charged with USB. if there was a power cut there would be plenty of time to send sms message to your phone after the break in.

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KERUI W18 Home Security System Review
Fri, 10 Mar 2017 08:21:02 +0000

I've just bought one of these having read the review and others, and am about to install it. Functionally, it's good, but the manual is confusing!

Comments in case they're still useful.

i. I have the W18, which has wifi configuration. You have to start the configuration on the phone, then turn on the configuration on the panel. You don't
connect the panel specifically to a wifi network - you do that from the app. It's less useful than I was hoping, partly because the network connection drops out,
and partly because you don't get all the information/features that the panel has (e.g. you can only configure zone names, but not set up new devices).
The W18 is probably most useful for giving names to zones. I was hoping I could use this to monitor the system remotely and check the status of each
sensor, but it seems that you need a local wifi connection.

ii. The IoS app seems stable so far. You have to manually switch between GSM and Wifi control modes.

iii. There is a single passcode for the system, so you can't tell who has armed it from this. There's a detailed arm/disarm log, which tells you which device (keypad, app, which keyfob)
has armed/disarmed the system, but I don't know whether it distinguishes between phones that sent an SMS. There's also a log of which alarm was triggered when.

iv. It's possible to lock the panel so it can't be unlocked just by touching the keypad (just one of the settings - google for this). I think you need to enter the passcode in this case.

v. The plug in siren is ugly and loud! OK in an industrial setting, but not good in a home unless it's hidden away somewhere. I won't bother.

vi. The intelligent mode waits for a sensor to be triggered twice. This is presumably in case sunlight sets off PIR, for example. There's an illustration on the Kerui web site that shows this.

vii. There are lots of youtube videos about, but they mostly just show the buttons being used but don't explain the features, so you have to watch them several times. They can be useful with setup

viii. My SIM card wouldn't go in initially. There is a diagram on the back which shows the direction. You have to push it quite hard to latch.

ix. The SIM mode basically works by text message. You (or the app) send a text message in a specific format to arm/disarm the alarm etc. The message includes the passcode,
e.g. 1234#1 The panel sends texts to you when alarms are triggered. You can set multiple phones to receive the messages. This is what I wanted since my wife and I both get a remote notification if an alarm is triggered. You seem to be able to set separate phone numbers for emergency mode if you want.

x. The G18 (but not the W18) seems to support RFID tags directly. This is probably good for commercial use - you give an employee an RFID tag and they disarm/arm the system
when the enter/leave the premises. You can buy an add-on for the W18, or presumably as an extra box for the G18

xi. There are smoke detectors, CO detectors and gas detectors, as well as outside PIRs, pet-friendly PIRs and a wireless camera (the N62) that seems to integrate with the app. I'm impressed by the range of options and modularity.

xii. The panel has a built-in battery so removing the power supply doesn't disarm it. A burglar could remove it from the wall fairly easily and try to smash it, but there's a good chance
they would run rather than doing that!

Hope that helps!

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Fixing the Torsion Springs on Wayne Dalton Torque Master
Fri, 24 Feb 2017 22:05:18 +0000

Oh my gosh! This post saved my bacon!! I was in the situation where both the broken and unbroken springs were stuck. I got the sleeve out of the broken end and still no dice. Until I read further down where the guy tapped the end of the torque tube without the sleeve on a hard surface. I did this and both springs quickly came out! After that, I simply removed the sleeve from the other end and went about the rest of the install.

Many, many thanks!!!

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Genuine KERUI Web Site and Resellers
Sat, 25 Feb 2017 11:35:36 +0000

I live in the UK and can anyone tell me who are GENUINE resellers of the Kerui range of alarms or even which is their genuine website in China???

It seems that there are many Kerui knock offs out there now!

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What is KERUI G19 Intelligent/Illegal Arm Function?
Wed, 22 Feb 2017 10:12:04 +0000

Has anyone managed to figure out the 'Intelligent/Illegal arm' function? I have tried switching 'Ready to arm' on.The alarm gives me a 'zone 1(door) error message when the door is closed.

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KERUI Home Security System Remote Causes Siren to Flash
Wed, 22 Feb 2017 10:11:14 +0000

I fixed the problem with the siren & remote.Deleted remotes from siren & re-set it.I remember pressing remote when I first paired siren.

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KERUI Home Security System Alarm Triggers When Disarmed
Wed, 22 Feb 2017 10:04:44 +0000

Shane--- If 'Attribute' is set to 'Emergency' or 'Medical' it will go off even if disarmed.Just tried it myself.Attribut best on 'Home' or 'Instant'

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How to Play Blood Moon
Sat, 18 Feb 2017 18:58:18 +0000

I play all of the games modes in League of Legends. So I always have the joy of explaining how to play a game mode to friends. Here is an instance of explaining the Hunt of the Blood Moon game mode to someone over text message in my own words.

So it's a cat and mouse game.
The objective is to get to 350 points first.
Killing champs gives you small amount of points, like any other LOL points based game modes.
Killing roaming spirits in the enemy jungle net you 5 points each.
Killing demons (baron and dragon locations) net you something like 25 to 30 points.
Oh here is the point system:

Killing enemy champions – 5 points
Killing roaming spirits – 3 points
Killing Demon Herald – 25 points

Like other point based game modes, objectives is more important to winning the game than farming champions.
And there is really no farming champions in this mode other than the glory.
Because you get insane amount of gold over time like Nexus Siege.
Game lasts average 13 minutes.
The key to winning the game is to complete objectives without getting killed.
And to gank assassination the other team members.
There is teleporting back to base.
So don't forget to teleport back to buy stuff.
Cool down is reduced.
You get three abilities right off the bat.
So it's a good game mode to practice assassin champs.
After you kill 3 champs...
Your screen turns red.
That means you gain full health and invisibility.
You have 45 seconds to use your powers to assassinate.
Your first attack does massive amount of damage to the enemy.

Here are the twenty champions available in this game mode:
Diana, Talon, Kassadin, Shaco, Zed, Pantheon, Rengar, Ahri, Elise, Akali, Ekko, Katarina, Fizz, Camille, Evelynn, Kennen, Kha'Zix, LeBlanc, Lee Sin, and Yasuo.

I had games where the enemy was killing us left and right.
But by taking down the demon three times we won the game.
The champion kills are basically a wash for both teams... unless the teams are very lobsided.
There is also no defense items.

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Verizon Cellphone Dial Codes
Fri, 17 Feb 2017 04:07:00 +0000

I would like some vzw codes updates.

connection info

i ant remeber the one that describes tower info

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How to Enter the Lenovo Y50 BIOS
Thu, 16 Feb 2017 09:51:42 +0000

sorry but I press that button and nothing happens is there is another way or I have a problem in my laptob?

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Balance Changes on 2/13 Improves the Horde Army Deck Greatly
Sun, 12 Feb 2017 12:26:54 +0000

I've been using the horde army deck exclusively for the past year or so. Since I started, Super Cell has been releasing so many hard counter cards for it. But the balance change coming in two days seems like a huge improvement for the horde army deck. We explain the balance changes effect in the video below. Watch it and let us know what you think.

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Highest Three Crown Wins Ratio Deck
Sun, 12 Feb 2017 12:24:28 +0000

I believe that I found the highest three crown wins ratio deck. Watch the video below to see what the deck consists of. And let us know if you have a even higher ratio deck.

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