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Talking shop.
Community Support
We know how hard it is to find the user manual or driver for your gadget when you need them. They could be in a box in your attic or thrown away unintentionally with the packaging. The community support forum is create for you to share your resources. Post the user manual PDF and driver software here so that you never have to dig through your stuff again.
Desktop, Notebook, Handheld (PDA, Palm, Pocket PC, iPAQ), Network, etc.
Digital Camera
Redirects to Camera Hacker forums.
Cell Phones, MP3 Players, Stereo, etc.
Airsoft, Paintball, Scrapbooking, Stamp Collecting, R/C Cars, Planes, Submarines, etc.
Office, Improvement, Electrical, Maintenance, Plumbing, Wood-Work, etc.
Don't know where your post should go? Post it here. It may help us determine potential forum topics.
Give us the latest dirt or voice your opinion. Also serves as the blog area for news feeds.
Redirects to OLO3 forums.
Screwdrivers, saw, etc.
Nerf and other fun games.
For Sale / Want-to-Buy / Good Deals / Rebates

Can't find your post? It may have been moved to a more relevant section. For example, a post concerning hacking the firmware on the Apple iPod mini under the "Computer: Handheld" section may have been moved to the "Electronics" section. Also try looking for your post in the "Latest Discussions" list.

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