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Spencer's Spirit Halloween 400 Watt Fog Machine Review

For many years, I have been using the FX-A fog machine during the Halloween season. However, it failed two years ago. I think it's the pump that failed. So I decided to replace it with another fog machine. Spencer's Gifts and Spirit Halloween no longer sells the FX-A fog machine. Instead, they now sell the 400-Watt Fog Machine. It's a little smaller than the FX-A and uses less wattage.

In this article, I will provide a thorough review for this new 400-Watt fog machine.

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The fog machine comes in a standard rectangular cardboard box. The box actually looks rather plain and boring with its gray and white design (see photo below). It is not very enticing at all.

If I wasn't specifically out to find the most inexpensive fog machine that day, I probably would not have made an impromptu purchase of this fog machine. But I was out to buy the most inexpensive fog machine that day, so this one fits the bill.

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Content (Unboxing)

The cardboard box contains the fog machine, the wireless remote control, the wireless remote receiver, and the instruction sheet. Photo below shows the package content, except for the instruction sheet.

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The rear of the fog machine provides a number of features (see photo below). It has a fog juice gauge for the fog juice container, which holds 250ml (8 oz.) of fog juice. There is a fuse holder and the three-prong power cord. There is a standard three-prong male connector for the wireless remote receiver.

There is no on/off switch on the fog machine. As soon as you plug it in, it heats up the fog nozzle.

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Wireless Remote Control

This 400-watt fog machine comes with a wireless remote control with a cover to protect the buttons underneath (see photo below). There are two buttons--ON and OFF. It's nice that pressing the ON button once allows the fog to spray continuously and pressing the OFF button stops the fog spray. A retractable antenna that is really short is a really good idea. Long antennas tend to break.

There is a small screw on the back side of the wireless remote control. I assume it is for you to replace the internal battery. My guess is that it is the standard 23A battery used in car remote controls, but I haven't taken it apart to verify.

The wireless remote receiver is a big black box with a three-prong connector to attach to the rear of the fog machine. It's only a matter of time before the small wireless remote control gets lost. But luckily it comes with a quick latch. I tied a zip-tie on the wireless remote receiver cable. When I'm not using the wireless remote control, I clip it onto the zip-tie, so that it always go with to the fog machine.

Looking at the package at the store, the wireless remote is a really neat selling point. But it's only after the purchase that you realized it's only a manual switch. It means you have to watch over the fog machine while it is being operated. You have to manually turn it on and off.

The wired timer remote controller that Spencer's Spirit Halloween used to provide for the FX-A fog machine is a much better idea. Because it allows you to put the fog machine operation on automation. I mean who would really want to stand there and push the fog on/off button all through Halloween night? Nowadays, the wired timer remote controller is a separate accessory that costs around $20 (see "Related Links" below).

I have reviewed this wired timer remote controller in the "Spencer's Spirit Halloween Fog Machine FX-A Review" article.

Luckily, for me, I already have the timer remote controller from the FX-A ownership. So I actually wanted the wireless remote control to give me more options. If you don't already have the timer remote controller, I would highly suggest you get it. It would free yourself to focus on other Halloween fun and duties.

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