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Tablet for Kids Table of Content

This table of content is the starting location dedicated to setting up tablets for educational purpose. If you are new to setting up a computer for your children, please browse through the topics discussed below.

If you have ideas and/or knowledge of setting up tablets to advance children's education, please add to the content here. You can start by creating an article or a discussion thread.

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Android tablets are everywhere. They are starting to show up in retailers all over the U.S. Many of them costs in the neighborhood of $100. They are perfect device for exposing your child to technology.

Connectivity Phone Modifications

Hard to get rid of your old smart phone? You might not need to. Many of these could be hacked to run Android. And some of these have built-in WiFi or external microSD Card slots, which means you don't even need a service plan to continue using them. They are excellent candidates to pass on to advance your child's education.

This section are articles to helps you install Android onto these smart phones.


iPad / iPhone / iPod touch

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